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Sunlights & Twilights


Sunlights and Twilights



They are registered by OFSTED before and after school clubs run by Miss V. Barlow for the benefit of the school community. They may be services you wish to use on a regular basis or alternatively it may be something you wish to keep at the back of your mind for casual use, as and when the need arises. Whichever way you choose to use Sunlights/Twilights, you can be sure that your children will be supervised in a secure and friendly environment.

"Twilights is great! You can play, have fun and everyone is nice."



Sunlights/Twilights is an independent business owned by Miss V. Barlow and operates in the school hall. They are additional services where children can play under supervision and are given the choice of suitable activities. The club is not an extention of the school day. The emphasis is on enjoyment, play and relaxation.

There are many activities for your child to participate in, including arts and crafts, outdoor play, board games, watching television, laptops, games consoles, reading and relaxing. At Sunlights, breakfast is optional. At Twilights all children are provided with a drink and a range of healthy snacks.

 "Sunlights is always fun. You can chat with your friends while eating breakfast!"



Our mobile phone number is 07932 494 706. The phone is held by a member of staff and is checked regularly up to 2.30pm. All messages are replied to via text. After this time all staff are on the school premises and unfortunately mobile phone signals in Whitegate are poor. Please ONLY contact us via the school telephone number in an emergency.Email twilightsasc@mail.com 

All staff are friendly and welcoming and we would hope that all parents/carers feel able to approach us with any issues.



Both Sunlights and Twilights are held in the school hall.

The designated entrance/exit for Sunlights and Twilights it's the black pedestrian gate near the main school entrance.  This gate is locked when the children are playing outside and a member of staff will unlock it when you arrive to ensure the children’s security at all times. Due to fire regulations it is important that each child is signed out of Twilights as you are leaving the building, stating time of departure along with a signature of the person collecting.

It is extremely important for the security of your child that you remember to inform us if anybody different will be collecting them.  Any unfamiliar faces will be asked for a password that will be prearranged with the family before being allowed to enter the premises.



Sunlights operates from 7.45am-8.50am and costs £4.00 with an additional charge of 50p if your childs requires breakfast.

Twilights operates from 3.15pm-6.00pm Monday-Friday. We charge £3.75 per/part hour.  Total cost per night is £10 as we only charge £2.50 for the 5.15pm-6.00pm session.





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