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Mrs Brehaut

Mrs Brehaut

I have been a teacher since September 2000 and have worked at Whitegate since March 2011. Before teaching I worked in banking for twelve years. Training to be a teacher is one of the best decisions I have ever made - I am very fortunate to love my job!
My hobbies include eating out, travelling and reading - I particularly enjoy crime fiction. I adore going to the theatre to watch musicals and plays, and to date I have seen over thirty musicals. I am also actively involved in the church that I attend.
My husband is from Guernsey, one of the Channel Islands, hence my unusual surname that is pronounced Brayo. The Channel Islands are beautiful for a holiday when we visit my husband's family, as is Scotland when we visit my family in St Andrews, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Crieff. We have two sons in their twenties.


Class teachers - Mrs Brehaut  ( The class are also taught by Mrs Phillingham on Thursday mornings and Fridays. 

Full-time teaching assistant - Mrs Rowland


In Foundation Stage the children's learning is based on what they choose to learn about and we use the statutory curriculum to ensure we cover the necessary learning objectives. It is a very important stage of the children's development when a lot of learning takes place, both through adult led and child initiated learning.

The children have a  home/school diary for you to comment in when you have listened to your child read, a scheme book with illustrations and a few words, a 'read with a helper' book that is for you to read to your child (these will be changed two or three times a week) a Phonics book for parents letting you know what we are learning in class and an envelope of key words. 

Last week's 'Outstanding Behaviour Award' went to Amelia. 

Last week's 'Good Samaritan Award' went to Thea. 

Last week's 'Writer of the Week' was Alex.

Enjoy Achieving Together At Home 

Week beginning 15th January 2018

Personal, Social and Emotional Development - The children are very well settled and during last term learned how to use each of the areas of learning set up in the classroom and outdoor area. They learned the importance of looking after resources and what expectations we have of them looking after their environment. The children also helped to design the alterations to the outdoor classroom that are to take place this term that will give us more space. Thank you to Mr Hammond for the donation of the shed which will be inside our extended area and will become a reading and writing shed for the children to work in and enjoy. The children have planted winter pansies in the outdoor classroom, and more recently bulbs inside, helping them take ownership of and responsibility for their learning environment. 

Phonics - The children will be recapping rhymes and learning new rhymes. They will be learning to read through Phonics and this week's sounds are ai ee or oo (long and short) .  TAKE A LOOK AT THE VIDEOS 'GERALDINE GIRAFFE' that are at the bottom of this webpage.  We will recap all the short sounds of the alphabet everyday and we are now learning the long sounds too. (Geraldine Giraffe videos for the 26 short sounds can be found on You Tube or alternatively google 'Geraldine Giraffe and the sound you want) . We will continue to practise segmenting (sounding out) and blending vowel consonant (CV) and CVC words.  This term the class will be learning more digraphs (two letters that make one sound) and trigraphs (three letters that make one sound) as we progress through Phase 3 of the document 'Letters and Sounds'. These will be put inside your child's Phonic's book each week. 

English - Last term the children were taught to write their name using the correct formation. They will practise this independently everyday in class. Guided Reading sessions with the class teacher and teaching assistant will continue. We are beginning our new topic 'Terrific Toys for all the Girls and Boys!'  and this term's focus text will be Dogger by Shirley Hughes. This week the children will be writing about a toy that they have had for Christmas and I look forward to seeing the photographs of them with one of their new toys, to help them with this writing.    

Maths - The children will be counting forwards to one hundred and backwards from twenty to zero. They will practise number recognition to one hundred (and beyond for those who are ready) and counting up to twenty objects reliably. These activities will also be set up in the environment as child initiated challenges. The children will practise writing numerals in the air improving their gross motor skills and they will practise writing numerals using the correct formation. In addition, this week the children will focus on practical addition. 

R.E. -  Jesus the king. The children will discuss what a king is and what a king's role is. They will think of kings in stories that they know. They will decide what they think makes a good king and what makes a bad king. There will also be drama and role play during R.E. this week. 

Child Initiated Learning is an important part of the EYFS curriculum. It is when the children learn through child initiated play that is observed by a practitioner who can intervene at the appropriate time to extend a child's learning. Challenges are set up each week to encourage children who are developmentally ready to 'have a go' and demonstrate their understanding of what has been taught during adult led sessions. 

Videos for Children There are a few videos below that will support your child's learning in class and I hope that you will enjoy these with your children. Some are American and so in class we use English pronunciation, for example, twenny is corrected to twenty and the children are told why. Each week I will update the Phonics videos to match the sounds we are learning. The rest of Geraldine's Phonics can be found on You Tube. 

Newsletters, Topic Webs and Plans can be found beneath all the videos in 'Files to download'.



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