Acorns 2018 - 2019

Mrs Ogden

I have been teaching for twenty years and I love being part of the learning journey that the children make each year. I believe that every child should have every opportunity to succeed in life and that effective and exciting teaching and learning play a key role in achieving this. Every child is unique and this should be reflected in every step of their learning journey. A great sense of humour is a must in teaching and the children certainly give us plenty to laugh and smile about.

Outside of school, I am a very busy Mum keeping up with two boisterous boys. Nearly every outing involves finding somewhere where there is enough space to run off endless levels of energy! I love spending time with family and friends. I also enjoy running the Sunday school at my local church.

In my quieter moments, I am genuinely passionate about reading and I will, literally, “read anywhere” as long as I have got a good book in my hands. I also love dancing, going for long walks (with a treat waiting at the end!) and trying new experiences like braving the rapids of the Zambezi River and being drenched by the spray of the Victoria Falls. These personal adventures certainly made creative writing more exciting for me!

I am very much looking forward to teaching the children in Acorns this year and being part of their learning journey. It is wonderful to join such a warm, welcoming school and community at Whitegate.

Mrs Phillingham

Mrs Phillingham

Teaching children has been a passion of mine since I was a young girl, from caring for babies in crèche, (aged 10) teaching Sunday school (aged 16) and then teaching on Children’s camps as a young adult. I have been a Primary teacher since September 1999 and have worked in a variety of schools during that time and across the age range. It’s a challenging and rewarding vocation. My interests include reading, walking, chatting with people and watching films, which are shared with my husband, the Youth and Families Minister at our local church, and our children, aged 10 and 11. I help run a Tots group each week and enjoy sharing our home with the “Young People” from church. It is lovely to return to my home county and I am blessed to enjoy its many attractive features including shopping in Chester, Wales on the doorstep and extended family quite close by. Being part of the Whitegate family completes my busy life. I look forward to working with those in this Community.




Class teachers - Mrs Ogden  ( & Mrs Phillingham (

Teaching Assistants - Miss Barlow (HLTA),Miss Weedall and Mrs Jackson


Autumn Term 2018

Welcome back, everyone! We hope that you have had a wonderful summer full of exciting adventures. We can't wait to hear all of your news.

We have got a very exciting Autumn Term ahead. We will be learning all about ourselves and other living creatures and we will need to “Watch Out” to see “Who's About” as mysterious creatures visit our class each week.

To develop the children's understanding of the past and a sense of chronology, they will be learning about their own personal history from being a baby to now. Please could you provide three photographs of your child (as a baby, toddler and now) so that we can create a simple timeline.

Reading daily is extremely important so there will be reading challenges and prizes to be won each week! Please could you read with your child every day (even if it is just a few pages). 

Please could you ensure that your child has a water bottle and P.E. kit in school every day and that all uniform is named. 

As always, please do not hesitate ask us if you have any queries or need further information.

From The Acorns Team,

Mrs Phillingham, Mrs Ogden, Miss Barlow, Miss Weedall and Mrs Jackson


Enjoy Achieving Together at Home 

When we have been reading and sharing books this week, we have continued to look at different characters and discuss what they are like. It would be great if you could continue to discuss different characters when the children are reading or looking at books and encourage the children to express simple views about a character e.g. I like this character because .... / It was funny when this character ...

Thank you to everyone who has brought in so many exciting Autumn objects for us to investigate.


Week beginning October 15th 2018 


  • Introducing our new book, "The Gruffalo

  • Following and re-telling part of the story using a predictable structure and repeated sentences

  • Writing a "Wanted Poster" to find a Gruffalo


  • Revising letter sounds 's', 'a', 't', 'p', 'i', 'n', 'm' and 'd'

  • Introducing 'g', 'o' and 'c'

  • Beginning to segment and blend simple words with letters that we know like 'sat', 'pin', 'it' etc.

  • Games and a variety of activities to learn these letters and high frequency words


  • Fluency (ongoing) - reciting numbers up to 20 (FS) / 100 (Year 1)

  • Taking opportunities to count totals throughout the school day, for example, total number of children who are in a line

  • Continuing to read and write numbers to 20 forming each numeral correctly (Year One)

  • Representing the value of numbers and ordering a set of numbers practically, deciding which number is worth 'more' or 'less'


  • Why is the Good Samaritan a good news story?

Understanding of the World

  • Investigating how to create different shelters for wild animals

  • Challenges to create a shelter using only 10 blocks etc.

  • Learning about a variety of woodland creatures introduced through a story


  • Creating own Gruffalo masks

  • Painting the "deep dark wood" and other settings


  • Travelling and moving in different ways using equipment

  • Continuing to travel in ways that reflect a particular animal

Foundation Stage

In Foundation Stage the children's learning is based on what they choose to learn about and we use the statutory curriculum to ensure we cover the necessary learning objectives. It is a very important stage of the child's development when a lot of learning takes place, both through adult led and child initiated learning. 

Child Initiated Learning is an important part of the EYFS curriculum. Challenges are set up each week to encourage children to 'have a go' and demonstrate their understanding of what has been taught during adult led sessions.  

Year One 

In Year One at this stage, the focus for the children is structuring their talk for writing and learning in all areas and developing a good level of independence. They will be encouraged to explain what they have learned clearly.








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