‘Trusting in God; Growing in Wisdom’

Planned Activities

When planning we take into account the children's ideas and interests by completing a 'We would like to...' poster every half term.

Now that the school website is open I am now able to upload up to date planning as with the previous website.(From November 2015) We have continued to maintain our activity planner as usual and this can be found next to the register should you wish to view it. 

Week beginning 9th March-Spring Activities

Monday-Bead flowers

Tuesday-Fluffy sheep pom pom magnets

Wednesday-Flower window decorations

Thursday-Flower bookmarks

Friday-Threading wooden flowers

Week beginning 2nd March 2020

Monday-Daffodil pictures for St Davids Day

Tuesday-Sticky wall mosaics


Thursday-Weather mobile

Friday-Scrap books/school disco

Week beginning 17th February 2020-Planning with the children

Complete 'We would like to...' with the children

Pancakes on shrove Tuesday

Week beginning 3rd February 2020-Chinese New Year

Monday-Chinese New Year colouring

Tuesday-Stained glass rats

Wednesday-Peg dragons

Thursday-Chinese New Year sand art

Friday-Tasting various Chinese food

Week beginning 27th January 2020-Chinese New Year 

Monday-Making lanterns

Tuesday-Playdough animals

Wednesday-Chinese dragon magnets

Thursday-Chinese New Year window decorations

Friday-Chinese New Year dragon fortune paper craft

Week beginning 20th January 2020-Food week

Monday-Making pizzas(DS)

Tuesday-Decorating cakes(IS)

Wednesday-Pancakes with ice-cream

Thursday-Fruit kebabs

Friday-Fruit smoothies(VB)

Week beginning 13th January 2020-Origami(AP and MH)

The children will be making lots of different origami animals throughout the week

Week beginning 6th January 2020-Planning with the children 

Complete this terms ‘We would like to...’ sheet with the children

Week beginning 16th December 2019- Christmas Activities

Monday-Marshmallow snowmen

Tuesday-Reindeer star baubles

Wednesday-Christmas snow globes

Thursday-Christmas party 

Week beginning 9th December 2019-Christmas Activities

Monday-Christmas badges

Tuesday-Snowmen decorations

Wednesday-Christmas tree cones

Thursday-Snowmen and snowflake charm bracelets 

Friday-Christmas super shrink key rings 

Week beginning 2nd December 2019

Children’s choice crafts

Week beginning 25th November 2019

Monday-Apple bird feeders

Tuesday-Squishy paint pictures

Wednesday-Emoji bookmarks

Thursday-Paper plate scarecrows 

Friday-Christmas Craft Fair/Cinema night 

Week beginning 18th November 2019

Monday-Foil Art


Wednesday-Play dough

Thursday-Rock painting

Friday-Volcano experiment

Week beginning 11th November 2019-‘Children in Need’ activities 

Monday-Pudsey biscuits

Tuesday-Pudsey ears

Wednesday-Pudsey colouring

Thursday-Pudsey masks

Friday-Pudsey/Blush play dough 

Week beginning 4th November 2019

Monday-Firework pictures

Tuesday-Bonfire Cakes

Wednesday-Autumn pictures on Scratch 

Thursday-Autumn collages

Friday-School disco

Week beginning 21st October 2019-‘Diwali’

Monday-Rangoli cross stitch

Tuesday-Chalk Rangoli patterns

Wednesday-Rangoli scratch art

Thursday-Ambori elephant magnets

Friday-Diwali lanterns 

Week beginning 14th October

Monday-Spider bead decorations

Tuesday-Spider weaving

Wednesday-Bat jump-up figures

Thursday-Bat sand art

Friday-Bat pictures 

Week beginning 7th October

Monday-String painting

Tuesday-Night and Day pictures

Wednesday-Play dough

Thursday-Shaving foam fun

Friday-Making slime


Week beginning 30th September 2019- Free play

Week beginning 23rd September 2019-‘Fun with fruit’

Monday-Apple crumble

Tuesday-Fruit pizzas 

Wednesday-Fruit kebabs

Thursday-Banana splits

Friday-Fruit fondue 

Week beginning 16th September 2019-‘Autumn’

Monday-Autumn play dough 

Tuesday-Autumn crowns

Wednesday-Curly paper pumpkins 

Thursday-Apple crumble

Friday-Leaf/pumpkin silhouette art

Week beginning 9th September 2019-‘Autumn’

Monday-Leaf wind chimes 

Tuesday-Leaf magnets

Wednesday-Autumn wreathes 

Thursday-Window decorations

Friday-Painting Autumn trees

Week beginning 22nd July 2019

Monday-Free play


Week beginning 15th July 2019-‘Messy Play’

Monday-Free painting 


Wednesday-Shaving foam

Thursday-Paint pens


Week beginning 8th July 2019-Children’s choice ‘Food Week’

Monday-Apple donuts 

Tuesday-Cake decorating 

Wednesday-Banana splits

Thursday-Make your own wraps

Friday-Muffin pizzas 

Week beginning 1st July 2019

Free play 

Week beginning 24th June 2019

Free play 

Week beginning 17th June 2019

Monday-Moving paper fish

Tuesday-Paper peacocks

Wednesday-Paper plate rainbow clouds

Thursday-Paper plate fans

Friday-Card cactus 

Week beginning 10th June 2019-Outdoor play

Monday-Bench ball

Tuesday-Parachute games

Wednesday-Fun on the field

Thursday-Bubble play

Friday-Chalk pictures

Week beginning 20th May 2019-‘Fun with paint’

Monday-String painting/Blow painting

Tuesday-Bubble painting

Wednesday-Free painting 

Thursday-Wax resist pictures

Week beginning 13th May-‘Fun in the Sun’

All activities that were planned were postponed as the children wanted to be outside making the most of the beautiful weather!

Week beginning 6th May 2019-‘Making Music’

Monday-Bank holiday

Tuesday-Design your own whistle

Wednesday-Make your own tambourine 

Thursday-Make your own hand drum

Friday-Make your own music shaker

Week beginning 29th April 2019

Monday-Blossom paintings

Tuesday-Planting sunflowers 

Wednesday-Making grass heads 

Thursday-Treasure maps

Friday-Treasure hunt

Week beginning 22nd April 2019-Foods from around the world

Monday-Bank holiday 

Tuesday-Baguettes, cooked meats and cheese(France)

Wednesday-Chilli, rice and tortillas(Mexico)

Thursday-Afternoon Tea(England)

Friday-Sweet and sour chicken, rice and prawn crackers(China)

Week beginning 15th April 2019-Easter Activities

Monday-Making chocolate Easter nests

Tuesday-Easter games

Wednesday-Easter bingo

Thursday-Easter egg hunt

Week beginning 25th March 2019-Mothering Sunday Activities

Monday-Mother’s Day cards

Tuesday-Decorating cakes

Wednesday-Window decorations


Friday-Colour in bouquets

Week beginning 11th March 2019

Monday-Making milkshake 

Tuesday-Free painting

Wednesday-Planting beans

Thursday-Rainbow cloud in a jar experiment

Friday-Scrunchy shamrock art for St Patrick’s day on Sunday

Week beginning 4th March 2019-Children’s Choice

Monday-Den making(O.W)

Tuesday-Making pancakes(V.B)

Wednesday-Making stress balls with aqua beads(H.B) 

Thursday-Edible slime(A.U)

Friday- Milkshakes (C.L)

Week beginning 25th February 2019-Planning

Complete ‘We would like to...’ for this half term with the children

Week beginning 11th February 2019-Valentines Activities 

Monday-Heart paper chains 

Tuesday-Decorating cakes

Wednesday-Valentines cards

Thursday-Coffee filter hearts

Friday-Inset day

Week beginning 4th February 2019

Monday-Free painting 

Tuesday-Puffy painting

Wednesday-Making volcanoes

Thursday-Make your own fruit kebab 

Friday-Movie night in school

Week beginning 28th January 2019

Monday-Water beads

Tuesday-Tie dyed milk

Wednesday-Making volcanoes

Thursday-Puffy painting

Friday-Movie night with popcorn and hot chocolate 

Week beginning 21st January 2019

Monday-Sand jars

Tuesday-Decorate your own biscuit 

Wednesday-Silhouette pictures

Thursday-Marbelling pictures 

Friday-Pasta necklaces

Week beginning 14th January 2019

Monday-Make your own pizza

Tuesday-Pasta pictures

Wednesday-Making slime

Thursday-Chocolate fondue


Week beginning 7th January 2019-Planning with the children

Completing ‘We would like to ...’ with the children for this half term.

Week beginning 17th December 2018-Christmas Activities 

Monday-Reindeer Christmas decorations

Tuesday-Christmas character jump up kits

Wednesday-Christmas crackers

Thursday-Christmas party

Week beginning 10th December 2018-Christmas Activities

Monday-Christmas badges

Tuesday-Snow globes

Wednesday-Christmas cards

Thursday-Snowflake suncatchers

Friday-Marshmallow snowmen

Week beginning 3rd December 2018-Christmas Activities

Monday-Decorating the tree and Christmas door hangers

Tuesday-Making paper chains

Wednesday-Robin Christmas baubles 

Thursday- Bead wreaths 

Friday-Christmas cross stitch

Week beginning 26th November 2018

Monday-Knights or princess sticker scenes

Tuesday-Dragon or princess key rings

Wednesday-Knight/dragon jump up kits

Thursday-Knight magnets or princess decorations

Friday-Create your own wand or sword

Week beginning 19th November 2018

Monday-Origami hedgehog bookmarks

Tuesday-Squishy paint Autumn trees

Wednesday-Marbled shaving foam pictures

Thursday-Tape resist watercolour pictures

Friday-Making Pom poms 

Week beginning 12th November 2018-‘Space’

Monday-Rocket gliders

Tuesday-Jump up rockets

Wednesday-Galaxy slime

Thursday-Solar system window decorations

Friday-Building space buggies 

Week beginning 5th November 2018-Remembrance Day

Monday-Decorating poppy biscuits

Tuesday-Poppy collages

Wednesday-Poppy paintings

Thursday-Poppy printing

Friday-Field of poppies

Week beginning 22nd October 2018-Bonfire Night Activities 

Monday-Chocolate apples

Tuesday-Bonfire Night pictures

Wednesday-Chocolate sparklers 

Thursday-Apple bobbing

Friday-Inset Day

Week beginning 15th October 2018


Tuesday-Building with foam

Wednesday-Pictures for our book display


Friday-Fruit printing

Week beginning 8th October 2018

Monday-Making paper aeroplanes 

Tuesday-Dragon’s tongues

Wednesday-Building with midget gems and cocktail sticks

Thursday-Junk modelling

Friday-Making marble runs 

Week beginning 1st October 2018

Monday-Spider web weavings

Tuesday-Painting Autumn trees

Wednesday-Autumn window decorations

Thursday-Woodland animal colouring

Friday-Woodland sticker scenes

Week beginning 24th September 2018-Autumn activities

Monday-Autumn walk

Tuesday-Leaf stain glass window decorations

Wednesday-Autumn mobiles

Thursday-Leaf prints

Friday-Autumn tree collage

Week beginning 17th September 2018

Monday-Balloon rockets

Tuesday-Clay bug fossils 

Wednesday-Bird feeders 

Thursday-Making playdough

Friday-Apple printing

Week beginning 10th September 2018-Foods from around the world

Monday-Mexican chilli and rice

Tuesday-French baguette, cooked meats and cheese

Wednesday-American pancakes

Thursday-English afternoon tea

Friday-Italian pizza

Week beginning 5th September 2018

Planning with the children

Making slime

Week beginning 9th July 2018-Free play

Week beginning 2nd July 2018

Monday-Fruit skewers

Tuesday-Finding mini beasts in jelly

Wednesday-Milk marbelling

Thursday-Making slime

Friday-Dragons tongues

Week beginning 25th June 2018-Planning with the children and free play

Week beginning 18th June 2018-Fairy Tales

Monday-Genie sticker scenes

Tuesday-Fairy Tale scratch art

Wednesday-Fairy Tale finger puppets

Thursday-Genie key rings

Friday-Fairy Tale snow globes

Week beginning 11th June 2018-'Messy Play'

Monday-Making playdough



Thursday-Pasta pictures

Friday-Junk modelling

Week beginning 4th June 2018-'Messy Play'


Tuesday-Kinetic sand


Thursday-Water beads

Friday-Crazy foam

Week beginning 21st May 2018-Outdoor Fun

Monday-Large outdoor painting

Tuesday-Fun on the field

Wednesday-Outdoor chalking

Thursday-Make your own picnic

Week beginning 14th May 2018-'Pirates'

Monday-Making a treasure chest

Tuesday-Treasure maps

Wednesday-Pirate Gingerbread Men

Thursday-Treasure hunt

Friday-Paper plate pirate ships

Week beginning 7th May 2018-'The Sea'

Monday-Bank holiday

Tuesday-Plate jellyfish

Wednesday-Rainbow fish weaving

Thursday-Ice cream magnets

Friday-Sealife shell crafts

Week beginning 30th April 2018-'Foods From Around The World'

Monday-Making Tacos(Mexico)

Tuesday-Making Pizza(Italy)


Thursday-Make your own baguette(France) 

Friday-Afternoon Tea(England)

Week beginning 23rd April 2018

Monday-Bug sticker pictures

Tuesday-Spinning tops

Wednesday-Bug Hunt

Thursday-Butterfly colouring decorations

Friday-Wooden butterfly feeders

Week beginning 16th April 2018

Monday-Bug suncatcher windchimes

Tuesday-Spider finger puppets

Wednesday-Ladybird racers

Thursday-Bug wooden garden stakes

Friday-Butterfly cross stitch key rings

Week beginning 26th March 2018-'Easter'

Monday-Easter bunnies

Tuesday-Easter nests

Wednesday-Holy Week wheels

Thursday-Easter egg hunt

Week beginning 19th March 2018-Spring Activities

Monday-Sequin sunflower pictures

Tuesday-Flower fuse beads

Wednesday-Bee badges

Thursday-Jump up fluffy sheep

Friday-Sunflower sewing or stained glass daffodils

Week beginning 12th March 2018-Spring Activities

Monday-Sunflower head boppers

Tuesday-Creative colouring birds

Wednesday-3D birds


Friday-Flower windchimes

Week beginning 5th March 2018-'Mothering Sunday Activities'

Monday-Cake decorating

Tuesday-Making bracelets

Wednesday-Rosette badges


Friday-Cross stitch bookmarks

Week beginning 26th February 2018-Chinese New Year

Monday-Chinese dragon puppets

Tuesday-Year of the dog stained glass decorations

Wednesday-Chinese pandas

Thursday-Chinese hats

Friday-Chinese food tasting

Week beginning 12th February 2018-'Valentines Day’Activities

Monday-Heart Mandalas

Tuesday-Making pancakes for Pancake Day

Wednesday-Crystal mosaic pendants

Thursday-Funky face hearts

Friday-Heart dreamcatchers

Week beginning 5th February 2018

Monday-Group canvas

Tuesday-Group 'Under the Sea' picture

Wednesday-Make your own magnetic fishing game

Thursday-Child Initiated crafts including; printing, painting and collage

Friday-Fish pictures
Week beginning 29th January 2018-'Hero's'

Monday-Hero pencil pots

Tuesday-Hero masks

Wednesday-Hero magnets

Thursday-Hero cuffs

Friday-Hero sticker scenes

Week beginning 22nd January 2018-Handa's Surprise

Monday-Tasting the fruits from Handa's basket

Tuesday-African necklaces

Wednesday-African animal puppets

Thursday-African silhouette pictures

Friday-African drums

Week beginning 15th January 2018-Natural Arts and Crafts

Monday-Pine cone butterflies

Tuesday-Create your own owl

Wednesday-Tree bark mosaics

Thursday-Decorate your own natural wreath

Friday-Leaf print pencil cases

Week beginning 8th January 2018-Planning with the children

Complete 'We would like to...' with the children for this half term

Week beginning 18th December-Christmas Activities

Monday-3D paper reindeers

Tuesday-Water colour Robin pictures

Wednesday-Stained glass trees

Thursday-Christmas party

Week beginning 11th December-Christmas Activities

Monday-Christmas cards

Tuesday-Decorating Christmas biscuits

Wednesday-Christmas pictures

Thursday-Christmas ceramic Tealights

Friday-Salt dough decorations

Week beginning 4th December-Christmas Activities

Monday-Decorating the Christmas Tree

Tuesday-Painting Baubles

Wednesday-Marshmallow Snowmen

Thursday-Paper plate Santas


Week beginning 27th November-Planning with the children

Week beginning 20th November 2017-Road  Safety Week

Monday-Walk to school wordsearch

Tuesday-Traffic light biscuits

Wednesday-'Be Safe Be Seen' posters

Thurday-Road safety crosswords and colour by numbers for the younger children

Friday-Road safety sequencing activity

Week beginning 13th November 2017-Children in Need

Monday-Pudsy colouring pictures

Tuesday-Split pin Pudsy puppets

Wednesday-Pudsy biscuits

Thursday-Pudsy paintings

Friday-Pudsy ears

Week beginning 6th November 2017-Remembrance Day

Monday-Poppy collage

Tuesday-Field of Poppies

Wednesday-Pinwheel Poppies

Thursday-Handprint wreath

Friday-Decorate Poppy biscuits

Week beginnning 23rd October 2017-Bonfire Nights

Monday-Chocolate sparklers


Wednesday-Bonfire pictures

Thursday-Chocolate apples

Friday-Inset Day

Week beginning 16th October-Autumn

Monday-Paper pumpkins

Tuesday-Pumpkin carving

Wednesday-Decorating biscuits

Thursday-Autumn pictures

Friday-Apple bobbing

Week beginning 9th October 2017-'Messy Play'


Tuesday-Play Foam

Wednesday-Aqua Beads

Thursday-Kinetic Sand

Friday-Free painting

Week beginning 2nd October 2017-Autumn Activities

Monday-Autumn Playdough patterns

Tuesday-Printing with Autumn objects

Wednesday-Clay Hedgehogs

Thursday-Autumn Feely Box

Friday-Owl biscuits

Week beginning 25th September 2017-Atumn Activities

Monday-Split pin Scarecrows

Tuesday-Leaf Rubbings

Wednesday-Hedgehog Bread

Thursday-Leaf Owl

Friday-Autumn hand tree and printing

Week beginning 18th September 2017-Autumn 

Monday-Owl sand art

Tuesday-Tree finger print decorations

Wednesday-Autumn Mandalas

Thursday- Pine cone decorations

Friday-Hedgehog sewing

Week beginning 11th September 2017-'Our Favourite Books'

This week the children will be given the opportunity to draw their favourite book character for our display.

Week beginning 4th September 2017-Planning with the children

Week beginning 10th July 2017

Monday-Drinking straw animals

Tuesday-Blow painting

Wednesday-Board games inc Pie Face!surprise

Thursday-Catalogue collage

Friday-Play dough

Week beginning 3rd July 2017-Paper crafts

Monday-Paper plate fish

Tuesday-Handprint sun

Wednesday-Hot air balloons

Thursday-Paper ice creams

Friday-Paper sharks

Week beginning 26th June 2017-'Birds'

Monday-Wind up racing parrots

Tuesday-Feathered friend magnets

Wednesday-Creative colouring birds

Thursday-Bird fuse kits

Friday-Peacock decorations

Week beginning 19th June 2017-'Fun in the Sun'

This week we will be making the most of the weather(While it lasts!)





Friday-Team games

Week beginning 12th June 2017-'Fathers Day'

Monday-Gingerbread man


Wednesday-Wooden keyrings



Week beginning 6th June 2107-Planning

Complete 'We would like to...' for this half term with the children

Week beginning 22nd May 2017

Monday-Outdoor chalk pictures

Tuesday-Stress balls

Wednesday-Games on the field

Thursday-Grass heads

Friday-Bird feeders

Week beginning 15th May 2017-International Food Week

Monday-American pancakes

Tuesday-Italian;Salami,Prosciutto,cheese with bread

Wednesday-Indian;Curry,rice and poppadoms

Thursday-Chinese;Chow mien, noodles, curry, rice and prawn crackers

Friday-Portuguese toasties

Week beginning 8th May 2017

Monday-Sunflower Mosaic Coasters

Tuesday-Sunflower Windmills

Wednesday-Butterfly Magnets

Thursday-Painting Sunflowers

Friday-Bee Sewing

Week beginning 2nd May 2017

Tuesday-Wiki Stix pictures/models

Wednesday-Rainbow Rice

Thursday-Sunflower mosaic coasters CANCELLED DUE TO A DELIVERY DELAY Leaving party for M.J instead!


Week beginning 25th March-Art week

Monday-String pictures with foil

Tuesday-Window decorating

Wednesday-Blow painting

Thursday-String painting


Week beginning 18th March-Planning with the children

Complete 'We would like to...'

Week beginning 27th March 2017-'Easter'

Monday-Egg decorating

Tuesday-Easter nests

Wednesday-Easter egg hunt

Thursday-Easter pictures

Friday-Easter cards

Week beginning 20th March 2017-'Mothering Sunday'

Monday-Card cupcakes

Tuesday-Teapot poems

Wednesday-Flower bouquets

Thursday-Decorating cakes

Friday-Card making

Week beginning 13th March 2017-'Spring'

Monday-Blossom Trees

Tuesday-Making Ladybirds

Wednesday-Origami Flowers

Thursday-3D Bees

Friday-Owl Jewel Decorations

Week beginning 6th March 2017-'Spring'

Monday-Flower Sheep(R.M)

Tuesday-Fluffy Slime(F.H)

Wednesday-Flower window decorations(C.W)

Thursday-Tulip Pencil Pots(C.G)

Friday-Painting Blossom Trees(P.L)

Week beginning 27th February 2017

Monday-Inset Day

Tuesday-Pancake Day

Wednesday-Junk Modelling(T.C)

Thursday-Making 'Fluffy Slime'(J.H)

Friday-Rainbow Skittles experiment(V.B)

Week beginning 13th February - 'Hearts and Flowers' 

Monday-Funky face heart decorations

Tuesday-Happy face flower sun catchers 

Wednesday-Heart wooden key rings 

Thursday-Cake decorating

Friday-Decorating heart shaped porcelain dishes

Week beginning 6th February-Chinese New Year

Monday-Chinese Lanterns

Tuesday-Dragon Masks

Wednesday-Trying Chinese Food

Thursday-Chinese Dragon Puppets

Friday-Lucky Money Envelopes

Week beginning 30th January-Chinese New Year

Monday-Chinese Pandas

Tuesday-Chinese Zodiac Wheels

Wednesday-Chinese Mandala Decorations

Thursday-Spiral Snake Mobiles

Friday-Dragon Scratch Art

Week beginning 23rd January-Rainbow Craft Week 

Monday-Rainbow handprint wreath

Tuesday-Rainbow windchimes

Wednesday-Rainbow windmills

Thursday-Rainbow bubble snakes

Friday-Rainbow flower magnets


Week beginning 16th January 2017-'We would like to...'

Monday-Make pasta salad(C.L)

Tuesday-Make Tzatziki with breadsticks and salad sticks(V.B)

Wednesday-Make popcorn(I.I)

Thursday-Make fruit salad(M.J)

Friday-Draw our favourite meal on a paper plate

Week beginning 9th January 2017-Planning with the children

Complete 'We would like to...' with the children for this half term

Weeks beginning 5th, 12th and 19th December-Christmas Activities

Monday 5th-Making Christmas Elves

Tuesday 6th-Paper plate Angels

Wednesday 7th-Rice Krispie trees

Thursday 8th-Paper chain tree

Friday 9th-Christmas cards

Monday 12th-Button wreaths

Tuesday 13th- Salt dough snowflakes

Wednesday 14th-Snowflake magic wands

Thursday 15th-Christmas door hangers

Friday 16th-Paper plate trees

Monday 19th-Christmas mugs

Tuesday 20th-Christmas pine cone characters

Wednesday 21st-Christmas party

Week beginning 28th November 2016-Completing the Christmas 'We would like to...' with the children.

We will also be making a group Twilights picture for display

Week beginning 21st November 2016-'Food Glorious Food'

Monday-Banana splits

Tuesday-Fruit faces

Wednesday-Make your own pizza

Thursday-Foods from around the world

Friday-Decorating Gingerbread Men

Week beginning 14th November 2016-'Messy Play'

Monday-Jelly feely bowls

Tuesday-Crazy foam(FH)

Wednesday-Play foam(RW)

Thursday-Water beads(JE-B)

Friday-Kinetic sand(HR)

Week beginning 7/11/2016-' Remembrance Day' 

Monday-Field of Poppies

Tuesday-Icing biscuits in the shape of Poppies

Wednesday-'Remembrance Day' wreath

Thursday-Tissue paper Poppies

Friday-Paper plate Poppies

Week beginning 24/10/2016-Bonfire Night Activities

Monday-Bonfire pictures

Tuesday-Guy Fawkes puppets

Wednesday-Chocolate sparklers

Thursday-Chocolate apples

Friday-Apple bobbing

Week beginning 17/10/2016-Harvest/Autumn

Monday-Rice Krispie Pumpkins

Tuesday-Leaf lanterns

Wednesday-Decorating pumpkin biscuits 

Thursday-Autumn mobiles

Friday-Leaf masks 

Week beginning 10/10/2016-'Being Creative'

Monday-Near and Far pictures

Tuesday-Swingy Spiders

Wednesday-Flower Power

Thursday-Straw Painting

Friday-Pop-up  pictures

Week beginning 03/10/2016- Space

Monday-Rocket wands

Tuesday-Space sun catcher decorations

Wednesday-Solar System scratch art

Thursday-Stained glass rockets

Friday-Solar System kits

Weeks beginning 19/09/2016 and 26/09/2016-Autumn

Autumn walk(Weather permitting)

Autumn collage

Woodland animal pine cones

Autumn spiral mobiles

Leafy owl decoration kits

Owl mirrors

Woodland animal keyrings

Autumn feely box

Leaf Printing

Autumn pictures

Week beginning 12/09/2016-Roald Dahl

Dream jars (The BFG)

Fox masks

Chocolate cake for snack (Matilda)

Giant ears

Mr Twits beard (The Twits)

James and the Giant Peach collage

Pictures of Roald Dahl characters

Fox finger puppets (Fantastic Mr Fox)

Card crocodiles (The Enormas Crocodile)

Week beginning 06/09/2016-Welcome back!

Complete 'We would like to...' sheet for this half term with the children

Week beginning 11/07/16-Free play

Week beginning 04/07/16

Monday-Split pin puppets

Tuesday-Garden suncatchers

Wednesday-Flying unicorn decorations

Thursday-Split pin puppets

Friday-Helmet face masks

Week beginning 27/06/16-Craft Week

Apart from Wednesday this week we are using up the spare resources from past craft activities.(E.C)

Wednesday-Unicorn scratch Art (K.A)

Week beginning 20/06/16

Monday-DIY lazer maze

Tuesday-Making Glitter play dough

Wednesday-Make your own marble run

Thursday-Sewing Amari elephants


Week beginning 13/06/2016-Father's Day

Monday-Egg cup for dad 

Tuesday-Football coin banks(E.R.)


Thursday-Wooden trophy magnets

Friday-'Top Dad' badges

Week beginning 06/06/16

Monday-Inset Day

Tuesday-Making pasta salad

Wednesday-Planting Sunflowers(J.W)

Thursday-Chocolate Fountain(E.R)

Friday-Sewing Amari Elephant Cushions(V.B) 

Week beginning 23/05/16

Monday-Plastacine faces

Tuesday-Seaside sticker pictures(H.O'G)

Wednesday-Outdoor Chalk pictures(S.T)

Thursday-Pasta pictures

Friday-Board games afternoon(T.D)

Week beginning 16/05/16

Monday-Parachute fun!

Tuesday-Stand up wooden boats

Wednesday-Free painting

Thursday-Make your own bow

Friday-Jungle animal pencil pots

Week beginning 09/05/16

Monday-Make a boat that floats(Requested by T.C)

Tuesday-Wind up dinosaur racers(E.C and O.C)

Wednesday-Paracord bracelets

Thursday-Dog ceramic coin banks

Friday-Dinosaur mosaic sticker Art

Week beginning 02/03/16

Monday-Bank holiday

Tuesday-Draw a self portrait

Wednesday-Junk modelling

Thursday-Make a paper aeroplane and see how far it goes

Friday-Movie night with popcorn

Week beginning 25/04/16-'We would like to...'

Monday-Build with marshmallows and midget gems

Tuesday-Make our own smoothies

Wednesday-Make fruit kebabs

Thursday-Make pizza

Friday-Create banana people

Week beginning 18/04/2016-Planning with the children

Weeks beginning 21/03/2016 & 28/03/2016-Easter Activities

Monday 21st March-Wooden egg shapes

Tuesday 22nd March-Easter nests

Wednesday 23rd March-Easter boxes and Easter egg hunt

Thursday 24th March-Lolly stick crosses

Friday 25th March-Bank Holiday

Monday 28th March-Bank Holiday

Tuesday 29th March-Cross suncatchers

Wednesday 30th March-Egg jigsaws and Easter cards

Thursday 31st March-Holy Week scratch Art

Friday 1st April-Easter chicks

Week beginning 14/03/2016-Animals

Monday-Animal masks

Tuesday-Polystyrene Owls

Wednesday-Decorating animal biscuits

Thursday-Bubble painted crocodiles

Friday-String painting butterflies

Week beginning 07/02/2016-Animals

Monday-Spiral snakes

Tuesday-Bubble wrap printing

Wednesday-Origami animals

Thursday-Tissue paper peacocks

Friday-Polystyrene Robins

Week beginning 29/02/2016-Mothering Sunday

Monday-Porcelain teabag holders

Tuesday-Decorating cupcakes for mummy

Wednesday-Mothers Day cards

Thursday-Wooden bangles

Friday-'Mum' decorations 


Week beginning 22/02/16-Planning

Free play and complete 'We would like to ...'  sheet with the children for this half term.

Week beginning 1/02/2016-Chinese New Year 'The Year of the Monkey'

Monday-Lucky money envelopes

Tuesday-Chinese dragon puppets

Wednesday-Chinese New Year pictures

Thursday-Chinese dragon masks

Friday-Chinese lanterns

Week beginning 8/02/2016

Monday-Chinese food tasting

Tuesday-Making pancakes

Wednesday-Wooden heart decorations

Thursday-Heart weaving

Friday-Valentines cards

Week beginning 25/01/2016

Monday-Rainbow curling and quilling

Tuesday-Transparent pencil cases

Wednesday-Construction with pipe cleaners

Thursday-Self Portraits

Friday-Noodle pictures

Week beginning 18/01/2016

Monday-Design a biff bat


Wednesday-Mandala flower decorations

Thursday-Rainbow hand print wreath

Friday-Funky felt hand puppets

Week beginning 11/01/2016

Monday-Design a biff bat

Tuesday-Magic wet and stick noodle sculptures

Wednesday-Dotty sticker Art

Thursday-Make your own spinning top

Friday-3D puzzle pull-back racing cars

Week beginning 05/01/2016-Planning with the children


Week beginning 30/11/2015

Monday-Handprint tree

Tuesday-Angel peg dolls

Wednesday-Playful penguin decorations

Thursday-Wooden bauble decorations

Friday-Build a snowman

Week beginning 7/12/2015

Monday-Christmas badges

Tuesday-Christmas magnets

Wednesday-Christmas cards

Thursday-Christmas character sequin decorations

Friday-Snowman coasters

Week beginning 14/12/2015

Monday-Christmas scratch art pictures

Tuesday-Marshmallow snowman

Wednesday-Paper chains and snowflakes

Thursday-Christmas party


Week beginning 16/11/2015 & 23/11/2015-'We would like to...' Activities

Monday-Design your own pencil case

Tuesday-Make your own pizza

Wednesday-Wool pictures

Thursday-Salt painting

Friday-Egg box craft

Monday-Panda plastic cups

Tuesday-Cloud dough

Wednesday-Cotton bud trees


Friday-Wool painting


Week beginning 9/11/2015-Remembrance and planning with the children

Monday-3D Poppies

Tuesday-Poppy biscuits

Wednesday-Poppy pictures

Thursday & Friday-Complete 'We would like to..' sheet with the children

Week beginning 2/11/15-Bonfire Night


Tuesday-Chocolate apples

Wednesday-Bonfire pictures

Thursday-Chocolate sparklers


                                                                                                                                                                                                                  PLANNING FROM OLD WEBSITE


Planned Activities


Week beginning 20/04/2015-Planning

Complete 'We would like to...' with the children for this half term.

Week beginning 27/04/2015

Week beginning 4/05/2015

Week beginning 11/05/2015

Week beginning 18/05/2015


Week beginning 23/02/2015-Planning

Complete 'We would like to...' with the children

Free choice from a range of Chinese New Year activities

Week beginning 2/03/2015-Fairtrade

Taste test

Crispy cakes



Hot chocolate/tea/coffee and a biscuit night

Week beginning 9/03/2015-Mothering Sunday Activities






Week beginning 16/03/2015-'We would like to...' activities

Foam fun

Pizza making

3D pictures

Board games day

Origami activities

Week beginnings 23/02/2015 and 30/03/2015-Easter activities

Chick and Bunny pop-up puppets

Easter cards

Daffodil windmills

Easter bonnets

Handprint Easter chicks

Easter chick pom-poms

Easter bunny sewing's

Easter Egg Hunt

Easter character mirrors


Week beginning 6/01/2015-Planning with the children and free play

Children to complete 'We would like to..' sheet for this half term

Week beginning 12/01/2015-'We are Healthy'

Monday-Food group collage

Tuesday-Fruit kebab

Wednesday-Draw a healthy meal on a paper plate

Thursday-Fruit smoothies

Friday-Circuit training with Mrs Spears BRING YOUR P.E KIT

Week beginning 19/01/2015-'Mini beasts'

Monday-Bug masks

Tuesday-Insect gliders

Wednesday-Bug boxes

Thursday-Spooky Spiders

Friday-Bug windmills

Week beginning 26/01/2015-'The Seaside'

Monday-Sea life bookmarks

Tuesday-Sea life snow globes

Wednesday-3D Seahorses

Thursday-Funky fish magnets

Friday-Sea life weaving coasters and shell bracelets

Week beginning 2/02/2015-We would like to...

Free paint

Make microwave mug cakes

Glue and stick

Make coasters

Get a pizza and watch a film

Week beginning 9/02/2015-Valentines Day Activities

Heart charm bracelets

Sequin hearts

Valentines cards

Decorating biscuits

Heart spiral hanging decorations


Week beginning 3/11/2014-Bonfire night

Chocolate apples

Rocket wands

Firework decorations

Bonfire collage

Rocket weaving

Chocolate finger sparklers

Apple bobbing

Week beginning 10/11/2014-'Remembrance'

Field of Poppy thumbprints

Poppy collage

Lest we forget pictures

Poppy wreath

Origami Poppy

Week beginning 17/11/2014 & 24/11/2014 -'Our Senses'

Touch-Feely box

Sight-Pin the tail on the donkey and hunt the keys

Smell and Taste-Sensory tray

Hearing-Guess the sound

Team games based around all the senses

Biscuit decorating

Sand Dinosaurs

Week beginning 1/12/2014-Christmas Activities


Christmas bead decorations

Christmas badges

Christmas pop-up puppets

Week beginning 8/12/2104-Christmas Activities

Christmas sun catchers

Christmas tree cupcakes

Christmas cards

3D foam trees

Christmas dotty sticker art

Week beginning 15/12/2014-Christmas Activities

Paper chains

Christmas character tree decorations

Marshmallow snowmen

Christmas party


Week beginning 1/09/2014 and 8/09/2014-Planning with the children and Free play

We also use this first couple of weeks to get to know the new starters.

Weeks beginning 22/09/2014 and 29/09/2014-Autumn

Leaf rubbings

Autumn walk

Leaf magnets(scratch art)

Leaf prints

Woodland animals

3D Foam trees

Autumn sensory box

Autumn collage


Pumpkin soup

Leaf stained glass decorations

Week beginning 6/10/2014-Transport/vehicles

Design and make a paper aeroplane

Vehicle prints

Construction vehicles

Foam pirate ships

Make a boat that floats

Week beginning 11/10/2014-"We would like to..."

Make mosaic coasters

Create sand dinosaurs

Go bug hunting

Build dens

Do origami

Week beginning 20/10/2014-Free choice


Week beginning 21/03/2014-Planning/Free play

Complete We would like to... sheet with the children

Friday 25th April -Easter Bingo

Week beginning 28/04/2014-Transport

Make a vehicle puppet

Complete a road survey

Make a boat that floats

Fire Fighters on the go pictures

Outdoor obstacle races

Week beginning 5/05/2014-Nature

Art windows



Bug hunting

Week beginning 12/05/2014 and 19/05/2014-Around the world

African masks

Hieroglyphic scroles

Native American headbands

Fruit baskets

Ancient Egyptian bracelet

Irish dancing

Learning some Russian words

Making pizzas

Making flags

Cooking with Mrs Porwoll


Week beginning 10/03/2014-Spring

Blossom tree collage

Grass heads

Spring walk

Painting daffodils

Peg butterflies

Week beginning 17/03/2014




Sand bottles

Cinema night

Week beginning 24/03/2014-Mothering Sunday Activities

Making cards





Week beginning 31/03/2014-Easter Activities

Easter cards

Chick/bunny stick puppets

Easter egg hunt

Easter nests (Rice crispy cakes)

Easter pictures and word searches


Week beginning 20/01/2014

Popcorn necklaces

Star gazing

Stain glass windows

Nail painting

Movie night

Week beginning 27/01/2014-Chinese New Year

Split pin horses

Lucky Money Envelopes


Chinese food tasting




Horse masks

Week beginning 3/02/2014-Winter Olympics

Obsevational drawing of Winter Olympic events

Hand held streamers

Mini Olympics(Tuesday 4th February with Mrs Spears)

Junk modelling-Stadiums

Olympic rings mobile

We aim to watch some events on the internet if possible

Week beginning 10/02/2014-Valentines Activities


Origami hearts

Sun catcher hearts

Heart mobile

Woven heart

Heart wreath

Heart shaped peppermint creams

Week beginning24/02/2014&3/02/2014-Fair Trade

Observational drawing using pastels

Water colour roses

Chocolate covered fruit

looking at a map of food suppliers on the internet and complete our own

Guess the Fair Trade items using our senses

Banana smoothies

Taste test

Fair Trade Quiz

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