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Once we have enjoyed Kensuke’s Kingdom together, we will be moving onto one of the most fascinating and brilliant ancient civilisations: The Ancient Egyptians! It would be great to hear what you want to learn about the Ancient Egyptians so do let me know anything you would like to learn and I will see what I can do!


Parents, your support is very much appreciated at this difficult time especially when you, yourselves, are juggling many aspects of family and work life. If you have any questions at any time, please do email me. I am here to offer you support and guidance where I can.


Keep in touch everyone!




Reading: https://www.oxfordowl.co.uk/  If you login to the site via the My Class Login button, you can access lots of free online books which are searchable by age group, series or theme.  There are lots to choose from so if you've read everying you own, including the cereal packet, this will provide hours of happy reading!  There is also an audio option if you'd prefer to listen to the story. Please email me for the class login details.  

First News: I'll upload the latest edition of this children's newpaper.  You will find it on the document list below - it is called First News.


This week’s Collective Worship opportunities

Week Beginning Monday 13th July



Follow the link below to watch Collective Worship lead by the Church of England: 



Have a look at the Picture News.


Follow this link to watch a great song to sing along to and learn!



Have a look at this week’s assembly session lead by Oak National Academy.



Follow this link to listen to the main talk of the collective worship:


Link to the craft:




Items for the craft:


The items needed are:

·         toilet roll tube

·         a stick, dowel or pencil

·         scissors

·         sheet of paper

·         sticky tape

·         colouring pens or pencils


You may want to start or finish with a song. If you are unsure what to go for, follow this link:




As you will know, we are now providing a weekly bank of activities that can be worked though. Below are some English and maths tasks but do check out the other resources in the PE section of the school website and also attached to this page.

I will still be avaliable on email, so do try and get in touch at least once over the week to check in! 

I am currently in school, so please do forgive me if replies to emails are later at night and not as prompt as previously. 


Week beginning Monday 13th July


This week in English: Delving into the Environment

  • Watch me read the story and also the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YxD02c2pIsI
  • For the final task on this, I would like you to have a go at using the structure of the story, to write one all about our experiences over the past months with Covid-19. Have a go at re-telling the story from the perspective of the pandemic. You can add pictures in too if you wish.


This week in Science: Delving into the Environment

  • Plant Study: Looking at poppies.
  • The final image of the text shows a poppy pod, which will be full of seeds. These seeds have dried out in the centre of the poppy and are waiting to be shaken and carried by the wind to re-start their growing cycle. We have planted some poppies in school in the planters and around the bug hotel. Create a life cycle of a Poppy.


This week in History: Delving into Ancient Egypt

  • This week in history, we are going to use all we know about Tutankhamun, to write a Newspaper article about that famous event.
  • Have a look at the link below which will help you with how to go about writing a newspaper article.
  • https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/topics/z2yycdm/articles/z2gk9qt
  • Then use the template attached, or create your own.
  • Create a poster about one of the other Ancient Civilisation we have looked at. Use the information attached to help you get started, as well as you won research.



This week in Maths:


  • Visualising 3D shapes (Y5 p102)
  • Symmetry revision (Y5 p103)
  • Symmetrical patterns (Y5 p105)
  • Reflection revision (Y5 p104)
  • Roman Numerals to 100 (y4) to 1000 (y5)


This week in Science:

  • Have a look at the attached booklet on space from the European Space Agency. Choose a couple of the activities from there to have a go at!


This week in RE:

  • We have now spent the last two weeks looking at the Creation story in Genesis chapter 1. I would like you to come up with some questions about the beginnings of the universe and life.
  • Now you have created those questions, organise them into which would be better answered by science and which are better answered by Genesis?
  • (For example: Why doesn’t Genesis mention dinosaurs? Why is the universe here? Does my life have a meaning?)



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