‘Trusting in God; Growing in Wisdom’

Acorns 2022 - 2023




Class teacher - Mrs S Ross

Learning Support Assistants - Mrs R Turner and Mrs J Metcalf


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As Acorns class begin their learning journey at Whitegate, the children learn daily class routines and as they grow they become more involved in daily school life such as whole school worship and joining Key Stage 1 on the playground. The children learn to be independent through making positive relationships whilst having the wisdom to make good choices, as well as learning in different ways. Through challenges, playful opportunities and embarking on wider experiences, every child has the opportunity to shine through their own God-given uniqueness.


The first half of the summer term takes us on an exciting vogage of discovery into the world of Traditional Tales!  Our focus text to begin with will be 'Little Red' by Bethan Woollvin.  The children will learn to retell the story orally whilst exploring the language before planning and writing their own version.  As part of the topic, we will be delving into a variety of exciting traditional tales of a simialr theme but with unusal twists! 


Everyday we will continue to practise our letter and number formation, use our phonological knowledge to spell words and write simple sentences.


In Maths we will be counting beyond 10 noticing pattern in ones, exploring splitting and recombining 10 in a systematic way, practising our number bonds to 10, investigating mass, shape and numerical patterns odds & evens.



Reading is at the heart of successful learning and a priority across the whole curriculum. Introducing Acorns to the joy of reading is essential in encouraging an early engagement with books, as well as confidence in both reading and writing.  Throughout the year we will immerse ourselves in high quality texts which will help to drive our learning.  Indeed, sharing books, stories and rhymes is a daily part of life in Acorns. We love getting lost in our story books and learning more about the world around us through non-fiction books. 

Each half term we have a spotlight author who has been chosen for their high-quality texts. We will have the opportunity to listen to, read and learn more about these fantastic authors. This term our spotlight author is the amazing, Mini Grey. 

Please ensure your child reads at home at least 5 times per week.  In Acorns, we expect the children to be reading aloud to someone at home and for this to be recorded in their Home – School contact books.  

Tricky Words: Phase 3 Phase 3 Tricky Words Song Say Hello To - YouTube

                         Phase 2 Tricky Words and Sight Words Song - YouTube

How to pronounce pure sounds  Phonics: How to pronounce pure sounds | Oxford Owl - YouTube



PE is on Mondays and Tuesdays. Please can children come into school on these days already dressed in their PE kits.



Here at Whitegate we use Tapestry, an online Learning Journal to record what the children are learning in school. This will allow you to see any observations, pictures and videos that we have made of your child in the learning environment. You can also record any observations or photographs of those ‘wow moments’ when your child says or does something that demonstrates their knowledge or a skill learned. This may be linked to school or it may be about an activity that they don’t do at school such as swimming or something done at home. We would love to see what your child has been learning at home.



Reception are given the opportunity to learn outdoors every day, whatever the weather, so please ensure that your child has a waterproof coat, preferably with a hood in school every day. 


Fruit and Water/Milk

Please do not send water bottles into school. Reception children have fruit, milk and water provided. The children will have access to water throughout the day.



Social Media

We tweet throughout the week so do follow us, on Twitter, to get an insight into all the fantastic things we get up to and lots of up-to-date information. Follow @AcornsWhitegate.


Our door is always open, please come and see us with any concerns, no matter how small you feel they may be.


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