‘Trusting in God; Growing in Wisdom’

Our Parents' Comments

“I love the fact that all the children look out for each other.  Lovely sense of community.”


“Lovely community sense of closeness within the classes.  The older children look out for each other.  Good communication.”


“Whitegate CofE is a very caring and nurturing school with a strong Christian ethos.”


“We are very pleased with the pastoral care and transparency we have come across in the school.”


“Really pleased with how the school looks at the needs of the individual child.  The teacher goes above and beyond to help.”


“All staff members who come into contact with our child are doing an amazing job in recognising their needs.  We can’t thank you all enough for the school’s on-going support.”


“We are very pleased with the school as a whole and our child is extremely happy here.”


“We feel that the chemistry between our child and teacher is excellent.  Advances are being made in creating a bespoke and appropriate teaching/learning approach.”


“The school has made many positive changes over the last year which has had a great impact on all areas of learning.  My child is provided with a range of stimulating and exciting experiences which is giving him a real love for learning.”


“My daughter is making exceptional progress within her class and her attitude towards learning has made a 180° turn.”



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