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Whitegate and Marton Parish Council

We work closely with the Parish Council and their monthly meetings are held in our school hall.

They are currently leading on the Vicarage Green Project to create a safer school environment that will result in off road parking and drop of for parents.

Funds are currently being raised for the project and will be combined with a Parish Council loan so that the work can proceed as quickly as ossible. Preparation the land for the scheme has already begun and it is hoped that completion will be by the end of 2018.

We are very disappointed to advise that the project cannot proceed as the lease for the access road proposed by the Diocese includes a break clause which is unacceptable to the community.  A number of approaches have been made to the Diocese but they are not prepared to change the proposed 125 year lease, with a 20 year break clause and £25pa rent, for this small triangle of land.  The Parish Council’s concern is that access to the Vicarage Green, and the community’s investment, could be lost in the event of the break clause being invoked.

An alternative offer from the Diocese to sell the triangle of land for £65k is not possible as funds are not available for the project to afford this additional cost.

The project will therefore be mothballed and hopefully reinstated in the future when satisfactory arrangements for the land required for the access road can be achieved.

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