‘Trusting in God; Growing in Wisdom’

Willow Class 2023 - 2024




Class teacher - Mr M Heathcote

Learning Support Assistants - Mrs C Morris and Mrs W Rowland

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In year 4 and 5, the children in Willow class will be supported and guided in growing to understanding of the world around them. Through a wealth of experiences, we develop thankfulness for all we have. In all that we learn, we aim to find opportunities to shine both in what we have learnt and in what we do.  Above all, being in Willow class gives us the opportunity to develop self-control, and self-motivation and the chance to act wisely in all we do and say.


Our focus in English this term will be on accurate handwriting, careful spelling and thoughtfully crafted narratives. Using our knowledge of simple, compound and complex sentences, we will begin to learn the skills of an author as we use fantastic texts such as Escape from Pompeii and Arthur and the Golden Rope to help us delve deeper into creative writing.

In maths, our focus early on will be on the key skills of place value and knowing how numbers are made up. We will then begin our huge focus on times tables. These are key to success in all future years and our focus on this in school will support the work you will be doing at home. We will also develop our knowledge of formal methods of addition and subtraction and applying these to problems.

In reading, we will be enjoying our weekly guided reading groups and engaging with a range of high-quality texts. To support your reading at home, the children will have the chance to read many different texts and engage with online resources to hone in on the specific reading skills such as understanding, inference and expanding vocabulary.

In RE, we will be exploring the Bible and its impact on everyday life. We will also investigate other holy texts found in other faiths and focus in on Buddhism during Interfaith week. As we approach the festive season, we will explore the true reason for the season.

In science, we will explore the digestive system and how animals survive in differ habitats. We will explore deforestation and enjoy develop our experimenting skills through many hands on and practical experiments.

Our ‘theme’, is all about Invaders and Settlers. In our history, we will explore the legacy of the Romans and how the Anglo-Saxons changed the identify of Britain during the first millennia. We will discover how Paganism and Christianity collided before the Vikings invasion. We will finally decide which period we would move like to live in, or more likely which one to avoid!

In geography, we will develop our map reading skills by learning to ready OS maps and grid reference to 4 digits. We will also use the mapping knowledge to identify where best to settle as a early invader.

In PE, we will be developing our throwing, catching and movement skills in rugby and basketball as well as developing our strength control in gymnastics before learning a new dance for our Christmas production.

In computing, we will be focusing on online safety. This is such a vital area of learning in this ever changing, internet-driven world and we will be complimenting the work you will no doubt be doing at home on this key subject.

In our more creative subjects, we will be designing and making our own magic box, singing and adapting our own motifs and developing our knowledge of sketching and drawing skills linking with Vale Royal Abbey.

In French, we will be learning the basics of vowel sounds, numbers and greetings.



Reading is at the heart of successful learning and we will immerse ourselves in a range of quality texts over the course of the year.  As Reading is a priority across all subjects, we regularly use a range of fiction and non-fiction texts in our lessons to help inform richer learning across the curriculum in the afternoon. 

In addition to this cross-curricular learning, a single day might also see us exploring the motivations of characters in our gripping class novels or simply allowing children time to develop a love of reading through our provision of high-quality fiction books.  Wherever and whenever possible, we will prioritise developing the skills and positive attitudes towards Reading that will enable Willow class to become confident, informed and engaged learners. 

Home Reading expectations are detailed below, but should your child express and interest in a particular author, series or genre, please let us know and we would be delighted to order books from our library partners free of charge. Visits to your local library are also encouraged!



PE will be happening twice a week and the pupils will need to come into school in their PE kit.


Please ensure your child reads at home at least 4 times per week.  In Year 4 and 5, they are expected to record their own reading in their Home – School contact books; parents just need to sign each time. 

TT Rockstars should be practised at least 15 minutes a week. This will be checked each Thursday with extra time in school for those who can not fit it in.

Don't forget about Education City as well!

If you have any questions, please get in touch with me using the Home-School book or by email via this address: contact@whitegate.cheshire.sch.uk   








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