‘Trusting in God; Growing in Wisdom’

Our School Council 2023-24

The School Council is here to represent you at meetings so that EVERYONE can have their voice heard.

How can I have my say?

1. Put a message in the suggestion box in the Practial Area.

2. Come and talk to us - your School Council reps! We are happy to listen to your ideas whenever they might occur!

3. Tell us what you think after feedback. Do you agree with everything decided? Can you think of anything you want discussed at the next meeting?

What kind of suggestions are useful? 

We REALLY want to make a difference to everyday life in school, not just think about special events days (although they are good fun, too)and it is not always about raising money either! Try to think of your usual routine at school and where things might be improved or changed for the better.

Ideas to do with.........

Playtime activities or routines

Things you would like in school

Special Events

Ways to raise money for school or charities


Have an input into choosing our school lunch menu

Sports events

These are just a few thoughts. Whatever you are thinking about that could help school carry on improving, let us know!

Remember we're here to listen!

We will use the Amnesty International resource - 'Learning about human rights in the Primary School' to provide children with their own understanding of human rights and the values and attitudes to underpin them.

Thursday 21st September 2023

In our first meeting, we discussed what we were going to do during this academic year and we had our School Council photo taken.

Thursday 5th October 2023

In today's meeting we discussed our plan for this academic year. We focused on the key areas we would like addressing which would provide the greatest impact.

Thursday 26th October 2023

In this meeting we broke the exciting news that we have a budget of £500 to invest. Furthermore, all school councillors have been given the task to investigate why the uptake to participate in extracurricular clubs has not been as expected.

Thursday 16th November 2023

Today we discussed which clubs would be the most popular. Some of the ideas were Fitness, art, reading/ wellbeing and drama clubs. We identified a place to plant bulbs that had been donated to the school.

Next Meeting - Thursday 30th November 2023



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