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We are the Friends of Whitegate School (FOWS), a volunteer group of Mums, Dads, Carers and Friends who arrange all sorts of activities in conjunction with the school to raise funds for school projects.  We appreciate any contribution you are able to make, be it big or small.

A wide range of events are organised throughout the year and are both of a social and fundraising nature. The events are organised by a hard working committee, who rely on parent and staff volunteers to help run the events.

Events organised include - Children's Christmas Craft Fair, Easter Bingo, Summer Games Night, School Discos, Film Nights, Non-Uniform Days and so much more!

Our joint, annual Village Fair, takes place on the village green and it is a long-standing tradition that the children lead the proceedings through the crowing of the King and Queen, followed by dancing around the maypole.

The organisation is incredibly successful for a small primary school raising between £6,000 - £8,000 each year.

Monies raised by the association have helped purchase iPads, musical instruments and, most recently, the money raised by FOWS has purchased new tables and chairs for all classrooms across the school.  As an annual treat the cost of coach hire to the pantomime is paid for by FOWS.

A substantial amount of money was raised towards the building and equipping of the 'new' school hall.  Our next project is raising money towards a new building to replace the mobile classrooms.

As soon as your child joins the school you automatically become a member of the Friends of Whitegate School. We are just like you - enthusiastic about doing something positive towards the development of the school our children are so proud to attend. Why not get involved?  We would love to hear from you.

Contact FOWS: fows@whitegate.cheshire.sch.uk

Our Team

President: Mrs Caroline Mackenzie

Chair: Mrs Rachel Hough

Secretary: Mrs Emma Palfreyman

Treasurer: Mrs Danielle Percival


Thank you to our sponsors for the summer festival

Acorns Caravan Parkhttps://acornscaravanpark.co.uk/

D and W Autos - You can find them on Facebook 

Barnyard - https://barnyardcheshire.co.uk/

Little Spark Teepees - http://littlesparkteepees.co.uk/

Fiona Pennington - Ex Pupil 

Discount Sticker Printinghttps://www.discountstickerprinting.co.uk/


Every penny counts here are some ways you can help

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